Melatonin protects the upper bowel from the negative effects of radiotherapy. Study published on Pos One by a medical equipe of the University of Granada.

The research, published on the magazine Plos One, which confirms and examines in depth what had already been verified in other studies has been conduced by an international team of scientists at the university of Granada in Spain.

The research, published on the magazine Plos One, demonstrates the effectiveness of melatonin, a natural substance produced by the human body, in the protection of the upper bowel from radiations to which patients are submitted during the radiotherapy. The scientists underline that melatonin is currently considered the most powerful endogenous antioxidant.
In patient, affected by cancer, under radiotherapy, intestinal toxicity episodes are frequent, caused by the radiations which have dangerous intestinal ulcers as a consequence. Till nowadays it hasn't been found an effective treatment for this collateral effect.

During this study the researchers, guided by the physiology professor Germaine Escames, have discovered that the oral administration of melatonin can protect the upper bowel in the sections which are exposed to radiations. the researchers have discovered that melatonin has contributed to protect the upper bowel of rats after radiotherapy, protecting mitochondria and reducing inflammation.

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