Melatonin prevents neurodegenerative processes in Parkinson disease

A research conduced by the University of Granada has idientified the molecular targets based on Melatonin, that will allow to design new medicines against the Parkinson.

The research, published in the scientific magazine PlosOne has focalized on the enzimes’s role in charge of producing nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator which, as the University of Granada explains, << when it is produced in excess contributes to the mitochondria and neuro-degenerative damaging >>. In particular, the “inducible” and “neural” forms of these enzimes have been studied, as they’re considered the therapeutic targets of this disease.

Using 3 species of test animals, the scientists have been able to show that, contrary to what was believed, the mitochondria disfunction that conditionates the death of the dopoaminergic neurons during the development of the disease is indipendent from these enzimes.

So, the neuroinflammation and the mitochondria damaging result being two indipendent processes.

According to the words of the main author of the research Darío Acuña-Castroviejo <neuroinflammation”, and culminates with the death of the neuron and the loss of dopamine. As a consequence, the death of the neuron favorites the mitochondria damaging, creating a chronic vicious circle of oxidative stress which accelerates its neurodegeneration.>>.

Precisely, Melatonin can prevent all these neurodegenerative processes because its main role is <>, neutralizing the oxidative stress and the neuroinflammation derived from the mitochondria disfunction, preventing the neuron death.

Demonstration of the clinical utility

In this way, the professor states, << Melaronin has shown again its neuroprotective power and its utility in the medical field, due to the focused action made to maintan the integrity of the mitochondria funcionality.>>.

According to Darío Acuña-Castroviejo, << with this research we clarify one of the most controversial aspects of the fisiopathology of the Parkinson diseaseand identify some highly specific molecular targets for the development of new medicines to treat this disease>>.

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