Hypothesis: Are beta-blockers safe for patients with multiple sclerosis?

Auda Fares
Department of Internal Medicine, St. Johannes Hospital, Germany

Beta-adrenergic receptor blockers are an important class of drugs in the management of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Patients with multiple sclerosis have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases than the general population. Melatonin has been implicated in the pathogenesis and clinical course of MS. When melatonin levels decline, an exacerbation of MS symptoms is seen. Beta-blockers have been shown to reduce the production of melatonin. Various central nervous system side effects associated with using of beta-blockers are linked with reduction of melatonin levels. Exogenous melatonin administration as a supplement in MS patients taking beta-blockers could reduce the central nervous system side effects as well as decrease diseases progression.


Year : 2013  |  Volume : 3  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 73-76


International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological Diseases

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