It has been shown that melatonin due to its antioxidant properties protects the heart and promotes its health. After a heart attack, it supports the regeneration of cardiac tissue. If you click on the link below, you can view the previously conducted experiments and clinical studies on this subject.

The loss of cardiac tissue is one of the most important factors in an insufficient regeneration in the course of treatment of ischemia.
Melatonin is a molecule, which regulates the circadian rhythm, and further has strong antioxidant properties. Therefore, it mainly protects against reperfusion injury due to ischemia caused by a heart attack.
The protection by melatonin in essential. It was found to have cardioprotective effect after infarcts. These studies have demonstrated how melatonin protects the microstructure of cardiomyocytes and reduces myocardial lesions. Experts recommend the clinical use of melatonin in various ischemic heart diseases.
These studies serve as basic knowledge about the effect of melatonin in the cardioprotection and the scientists hope to make their contribution in this area in further studies.

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